• Shahad Bakerman

Medina, Marrakech

Photo taken by @shopslate

Medina is the distinctive old town district in Marrakech. Sometimes called "The Red City" because of the predominant pinkish color of its buildings.

Medina is famous of its architectural gems like Madrasat Bin Youssef and kutubiyya Mosque. Also, its monumental historical doors, and of course, Marrakech's main square and landmark, Jamaa El Fna. An astounding marketplace consists of storytellers, entertainers and also local merchants, selling leather goods, staple street food and much more. Surrounded by shops, restaurants & cafes, terraces, hotels, and narrow streets and alleys that infiltrate the beautiful district. .

Linguistically, the word medina on its own means "town" or "city" in Arabic.

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