• Shahad Bakerman

The Tribal Vaults of Ksar Medenine

Photo taken by @minimalexposure

Ksar Ouled Soltan, Ksar Medenine, or Gorfas de Medenine. It was built on the 5th century by a Berber tribe, 20 kilos far from Tataouine, a city in southern Tunisia.

It's said that these "rooms" were built as vaults to store food crops and grains to protect it from theft and raids between tribes, since they lived a nomadic life in deserts. Each room is set for use by one family only.

If you think this place looks familiar, you are not wrong! The Kasr has been featured in the Star Wars movies. It was young Anakin and his mom's home, where after that it became a tourist attraction.

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