• Shahad Bakerman

War Bonnets: A Fading Art

War bonnets are a feathered head piece worn by Native American leaders that we've all seen in movies.

"The Sioux" is a First Nation tribe distributed across the United States and Canada and it's believed that they are the first who made and wore war bonnets before other tribes adopted it.

Image by @verbenalafleur

According to a Sioux elder, a war bonnet represents the sun and its rays, which in my opinion, symbolizes the wisdom a person gained over the years.

Some war bonnets have double-trailers to the sides that can reach the floor, and it indicated great honour. Each feather in that war bonnet is a authentic eagle feather, and it has to be earned and approved spiritually which is given in an initiation ceremony.

It's so unfortunate that making war bonnets has become a dying art, and the people who make them are almost all gone. Nowadays, they are mainly seen in ceremonial events.

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